Humanitarian Development

Humanitarian Development International (HDI) enables leaders on the ground to take compassionate action within their own communities, when their area is hit with a disaster of significant proportions.

HDI is the social response programme of international leadership development organisation, LeaDev-Langham based in New Zealand. As such, it benefits from the reliable global reach of the organisation’s networks with key community-based leaders around the world.

When an earthquake, tsunami, fatal disease, war, or other disaster hits the global news headlines, we are immediately in touch with our community-based partners in that region to ascertain the damage.  Within hours we put the call out to caring New Zealanders to respond.

As a boutique leadership development organisation, our response is typically smaller than most, but offers two trump cards: it is a response led by reliable locally-based people who have a proven track record in leadership and integrity, and it is a response focused on a specific need as determined by those leaders.

Amongst other disasters, we have supported community leaders to take compassionate action in the Syrian refugee crisis (2015/16), the Ebola pandemic in Sierra Leone (2014), the Haiti earthquake (2011), Cyclone Nargis in Myanmar (2008), and the Nepal earthquake (2015). Read more

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