Leaders Taking Compassionate Action

Humanitarian Development International - Leaders Taking Compassionate Action

“For I was hungry and gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me…” Matthew 25: 35, 36

Humanitarian Development International (HDI) enables LeaDev-Langham’s ministry partners to be the ‘hands and feet’ of Jesus to their communities, in the event that their geographic area is hit with a disaster of significant proportions. Because we have such a reliable international reach through our two networks (Overseas Council and Langham Partnership International), when an area is hit by an earthquake, tsunami, fatal disease, war, or other disaster, we are able to respond immediately to assist our partners and their ministries to give practical compassion in the name of Jesus to those around them.

For our Partner Schools, very often their facilities, staff, and students are personally affected by the crisis, and it is impossible for them to continue studying in the midst of the chaos, trauma and grief. For a period of time, their focus shifts, and we support them in this. We help our ministry partners respond to the need in their families, and those around them, and to rebuild their Partner School facilities; so as to within as short a time as possible, continue to train leaders to serve the church. Ever courageous, our friends who are experienced leaders, say these times of suffering give emerging leaders the opportunity to put real-life action to their theological theory.

Meet some of the courageous men and women who are leading with compassionate action

Sewing torn lives back together - Syria

May 2016

What do you do when you’re a young, widowed mother, with limited education, no home and no money to buy food for your children? You get sewing of course! Well that’s what the young Syrian widows of the tent towns in the Bekaa Valley, near Zahleh in Lebanon are doing. More

Esther: showing practical love in the name of Jesus - Syria

June 2015

A courageous woman talks about her daily call to minister in very dangerous conditions. Each morning in Lebanon, when ‘Esther’ leaves her house and heads for the white refugee tent settlements in the Beqaa Valley, she does not know how her day will turn out. She does not know who she will help, how she will help them, or even whether she will come home to her husband and child that night. But it is a daily choice she makes. More

Ebola infections reduced from 150 to 3 per week - Sierra Leone

June 2015

Christo Jonah of Langham Partnership International writes from Freetown about Ebola food relief, and Level 3 Bible training. More

Generous Kiwi Christians provide roofing for a devastated rural village - Nepal

May 2015

“The village thanks all of you donors for your kindness for providing the funds for the tin roofing sheets they received today.” These are the words of Dr Ramesh Katry, Principal of The Association for Theological Education in Nepal, reporting from rural Koshidekha Village after generous donations were made to the earthquake relief efforts. More