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Our Work & Partners

In Asia-Pacific large numbers of people are coming to faith in Christ and the church is growing rapidly. To help the church grow in depth of faith, not just size, we support the development of excellent servant leaders - 'Radical Disciples' - from within people’s own cultures.

When confronted with the reality of poverty, pressure and persecution in Asia-Pacific, the church needs more of these kinds of Christian leaders. In today’s world of religious, social and political extremes—the term “radical” very likely conjures up more negative connotations than positive ones. Yet, it’s a word that comes from the Latin root "radix" meaning “a root.” In this context, the picture of a radical disciple is not one of blind, fervent obedience, but instead, a follower of Jesus who is rooted in and responding to the truth of God’s Word.

We have established and committed relationships with outstanding men and women from high quality international training agencies – Partner Schools – as sites of strengthening for the Christian faith. Through Partner Schools, the people who lead them, and their allied ministries, we support the development of emerging Christian leaders so they can serve the mission of the church in the region.
Support from New Zealand for our partners is via the "Magnificent Seven" Ventures:

Partner Schools in Asia-Pacific where leaders are being developed:

  • Bangladesh (Dhaka) – College of Christian Theology Bangladesh (CCTB)
  • India (Bangalore) – South Asia Institute for Advanced Christian Studies (SAIACS) 
  • Indonesia (Bandung) – Tyranus Bible Seminary (TBS) 
  • Jordan (Amman) – Program for Theological Education by Extension (PTEE) 
  • Malaysia & SE Asia mainland (Kuala Lumpur) – AGST Alliance (AGST-A) 
  • Mongolia (Ulaanbaatar) – Union Bible Theological College (UBTC) 
  • Myanmar (Kalaymyo) – Kalaymyo Consortium of Bible Colleges (KCBC)
  • Myanmar (Yangon) – Myanmar Evangelical Graduate School of Theology (MEGST)
  • Nepal (Kathmandu) – Nepal Theological College 
  • Pakistan (Rawalpindi) – Zaraphath Bible Seminary (ZBS) 
  • Palestine (Bethlehem) – Bethlehem Bible College (BBC) 
  • Papua New Guinea (Banz) – Christian Leaders Training College (CLTC)
  • Philippines (Quezon City) – AGST Philippines (AGST-P) 
  • Philippines (Quezon City) – Asia Theological Seminary (ATS) 
  • Sri Lanka (Colombo) – Colombo Theological Seminary (CTS) 
  • Sri Lanka (Peradeniya, Sri Lanka & Colombo) – Lanka Bible College and Seminary (LBCS) & Centre for Graduate Studies (CGS) 
  • Thailand (Bangkok) – Bangkok Bible Seminary (BBS) 
  • Thailand (Chiang Mai) – Chiang Mai Theological Seminary (CMTS) 
  • Vietnam (Hanoi) – Hanoi Bible College