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Serving the Kiwi church - we're available

Our team has a wonderful breadth of experience based on many trips to Asia-Pacific, and many conversations and prayers alongside our brothers and sisters as they advance the Kingdom of God there. 

We are available to help ignite a passion for mission, by sharing what we’re privileged to have experienced, with the Kiwi church. Meet our speakers:

Dr Allan Harkness
Dr Rod Edwards
Tony Plews
John Corban

Seminars, Sermons and Speaking topics, available to your church

Fresh Currents in Mission (Allan / Tony)
A half day seminar for local church mission boards / committees, introducing concepts and topics like ‘integral mission,’ ‘orality,’ the suffering church, updating the Lausanne movement, the rise and role of Majority World leadership, etc.

PRIEESTT Workshop (Tony)
In 2016 LeaDev-Langham asked a group of 50 senior analysts, authors, commentators, educators, leaders, practitioners, and thinkers, from around the World, to tell us, within their areas of expertise, how they see the world of the future – the next five to ten years – and how that might impact on the Christian church globally and its mission in and to the world. PRIEESTT stands for the categories and trends as follows: Political, Religious, Ideological/Intellectual, Economic, Educational, Social, Technological, Theological. We’ve distilled their inputs into a few major themes, which we share and discuss during this four hour (half day) seminar.

Helping Without Hurting: a heart for mission, with actions and aims that really benefit all (Allan)
A half- to full-day workshop designed to help churches which are sending, or planning to send, short-term mission teams to develop appropriate cross-cultural awareness and practices.  Discovering how to walk with the people they serve in ways that lead to lasting and sustainable change, by focusing on what the host community already has, more than on what it doesn’t!

 (Allan / Tony / Rod)
By ‘preaching’ we do not mean a thinly disguised promotion for LeaDev-Langham dressed as a sermon. We love God and His Word, and always seek to preach it clearly, relevantly, practically, and with conviction and passion. We are willing to consider a passage which fits your church’s preaching plan. Listen here for some examples of Tony's preaching.

Shallow Dive: a very brief introduction to preaching (Tony)
This seminar is for local churches who want to introduce their lay leaders to the elements of biblical preaching. It does not require any previous preaching experience, and is usually a minimum of two 1 ½ hour sessions. Read more.

Love Syria: War-torn devastation. A Kiwi bloke went to have a look and came back changed (John)

John shares the story of his visit to Lebanon to live with and get to know our partners offering assistance to the tidal wave of refugees leaving Syria. He met many refugee women and children and speaks with heart, mobilising Christians to take action on behalf of the poor and displaced.

Download a flyer of this information to pass on to your local church:

Serving the Kiwi Church Flyer 2017 Serving the Kiwi Church Flyer 2017 (822 KB)

If you are keen to have us visit you, please be in touch with us via the Contact Us page.

“I thought the sessions were excellent. I learnt a lot and was inspired to improve and really think about the delivery and structure of a message. Also the importance of thinking about who you are aiming your preaching at. Tony was easy to listen to and engaging. I felt that his thoughts on the word of God and the spirit of God working together is exactly where we are trying to head as a church. It was great to hear that this is what he also encourages.” 
Tracey, Auckland

"Dr Allan Harkness has lived and worked in East Asia for over 20 years. He has a deep passion to see local leaders equipped and developed to lead well – hence most of his time and energy over this time has been invested in leadership
development of various kinds, including his gift of writing. Allan is warm hearted, generous  and  works sensitively and closely with Asian communities desiring to see them grow and flourish. I esteem him as a wonderful resource person for mission - both the theory and the practice!"
Christine Harding, National Director, OMF NZ

“So good to have the balance provided by Tony in regard to the Word of God and the work of the Holy Spirit in the preaching of the Word. Great emphasis on preaching being the work of God, with our need to listen to the Spirit and study the Bible in order to hear from the Spirit; and the reminder to understand where the passage fits in salvation history as it’s one narrative from end to end.”

Phil, Auckland

“I found the sessions very helpful and informative. They helped me put together a practical approach to putting together a sermon.”   

Paul, Auckland